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World’s leading guitar makers attempt to slow the over-logging of Alaska’s Tongass Forest in Musicwood: The Documentary
The process of making acoustic guitars has remained unchanged for hundreds of years, but a critical shortage of ‘musicwood’ from over-logged forests threatens to silence the industry. Musicwood: The Documentary explores the issue of a dwindling supply of music-quality wood and reveals the true social and environmental costs of the Alaskan timber trade.

As the three-year long production nears completion, Helpman Productions announces the release of a new trailer on and the start of a month-long Kickstarter project to raise funds for the post-production of the film. Musicwood: The Documentary is set for release in November 2011.

The Kickstarter fund-raising campaign is a way for music lovers to participate in making a real change by helping to save the environment, the forests and the acoustic guitar. The campaign, which runs from May 23 to June 24 will raise funds for the post-production of Musicwood: The Documentary.
About Musicwood: The Documentary
Musicwood is the product of three years of filmmaking and outreach work by the non-profit production company Helpman Productions and producers Maxine Trump and Josh Granger. Helpman has not only been filming the story, but also building a network to support sustainable wood-use for companies all along the timber supply chain.

The Musicwood team traveled with the world’s most famous guitar-makers to the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, a forest critical to the way guitars are made, and the largest coastal temperate rain forest in the world. Production also brought the team to the workshops of Gibson, Martin Guitars and Taylor Guitars in Nashville, Pennsylvania, and San Diego.

Musicwood features special performances and interviews by independent recording artists Yo La Tengo and Turin Brakes as well as Academy-Award winner Glen Hansard and Alaskan acoustic guitarist Sergius Gregory.

For more information about Musicwood: The Documentary including videos, news about upcoming screenings and ways to donate, visit
About Helpman Productions:
Helpman Productions is a non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to producing documentaries that focus on areas of social, political or environmental responsibility. By making these films, Helpman brings these issues to a larger audience, puts pressure on companies and groups to change, and helps to make a real difference in the world and its communities. All donations are tax deductible.
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Print and Online: Matt MacVey matt(at)
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