great Portland screening

Well, we’re back from Portland, and it was an amazing experience. We’ve been screening the rough cut of the film for various audiences to get their feedback on how Musicwood is doing, and we were lucky enough to be able to screen for an audience of Tongass activists, members of the Native Forest Council, environmental enthusiasts, and good ole regular folk. The location (and sound!) were provided by our friends at Wend magazine, and they invited a fantastic blues musician, Joe McMurrian (pictured above left), to play a short set before the screening. His Spruce soundboard guitars sounded unbelievable and filled the room with the sound of the wood before we showed the film.

The film played, and afterwards we had a rousing discussion about what the film was achieving, how it might be changed to work better, what people wanted more of, less of, etc. We had some Native Americans attend the screening as well, and it was great to get their perspective on how we’re portraying the Native angle of our story.

All in all, it was a great time, with a good, exciting, fired-up discussion. Thanks to all who attended!

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