filming with The Antlers & Kaki King

Interviewing The Antlers

Well, we had a great experience last week filming an interview with The Antlers and then an interview and performance by the spectacularly talented Kaki King. The guys from The Antlers were happy to chat about the acoustic guitar and what it’s meant to them over the years. They talked about learning to play guitar on an acoustic, how they love and use that specific acoustic sound, and a bit about how they might feel if that sound had to change.

Then we talked with Kaki King about her multitude of acoustic guitars, how the wood affects each one’s sound, and more. Finished up with her performing a rousing version of Bone Chaos in the Castle, which was an absolute pleasure to behold. We should also give a shout-out to our gorgeous location, Daddy’s, which was gracious enough to open early for us, and provided a fantastic backdrop (take a look at that pic below!).

A great time, some great stuff, and we’re really looking forwards to cutting it together and getting it in the film.

Filming with Kaki King

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