Steve Earle interview

Steve Earle portrait by Hilary Benas

Steve Earle is in Musicwood! Thanks to the hard work and connections of our fantastic Music Supervisor Brandon, we were able to connect with Steve Earle when he was in town hosting 3 nights at City Winery for Woody Guthrie’s 100th birthday. The interview was a blast, as Steve waxed eloquently about guitars, wood, the idea of sustainability and his guitar collection (which he said was “stupidly” huge). Steve is a Texas and Nashville legend, an actor in both The Wire and Treme, and a self-proclaimed “guitar freak”. He makes a very welcome addition to the roster of artists we have in the film. At this point, we’re so close to being done — we figure we just need one more A-list star. Many thanks to Mr. Earle, we’re sure you’re going to dig his parts of the film.

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