It’s a Musicwood Autumn…

As the leaves are falling we thought we’d give you some sneak peeks into Musicwood news…

We wanted to let you all know that Musicwood is now screening on the following TV networks: AMC in Asia and the Middle East starting November 1st. And you may have already caught it on the Russian TV network, that also has cable networks in many other countries.

If you’re flying off for the holidays you can watch Musicwood on Quantas airlines right now, and Finnair and Indonesian airlines very soon.

And if you’re in the UK, we’re also giving you the inside scoop that we will be announcing that Musicwood will be on iTunes in time for the Christmas Holidays. Yes sir!

America you already have the luxury to watch the film on iTunes, Amazon Instant, VUDU, Google Play and Hoopla.

And our Musicwood DVDs are also available in the following stores and more cities are being added daily

Gruhn’s Guitars in Nashville

Rudy’s Music in New York City

Fretworks in Chicago

Elderly Instruments in Michigan

Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington, DC


Our DVDs will be $19.95 as a HOLIDAY DISCOUNT, so all of you who can’t afford to buy your loved ones a Martin, Taylor or Gibson guitar for the holidays, you might want to give them the next best thing. Click on “store” above.

Have a great Fall.

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